While I endorse Dr Amit Pareek’s works very often, this is one of those that got me excited in a long time. This time, Dr Amit has released a brand new Private Label Rights license to a complete business-in-a-box on … yep, as you can see from the title of this page and headline… Local Marketing.

As someone who has been marketing online for many years already (since 2005), I use the Internet to reach audience (such as your amazing self) I would otherwise not be able to reach with conventional means. Now that the Internet has evolved to another level not seen just a few years ago – mobile apps, geographic-centric SEO, social media on a more community-level – now offline businesses are using the Internet to attract local customers in their vicinity! It’s ironic in a way, but who cares as long as it’s profitable!

And I for one know there’s A WHOLE LOT MORE money to be made here than just selling digital products online because I now give online marketing consulting to the  local businesses and SMEs in my country. And these people pay top dollar… into the tens of thousands!

I’ll say it is as it is: if you don’t get Local Marketing Biz-in-a-Box right now, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. (That’s the feeling I have after I started taking on local businesses here in Malaysia and I kept hitting myself in the head for not doing it earlier!)

Chances are, you are seeing many marketers mailing out on this new PLR deal. And I am guessing they are offering the same ‘copy and paste’ bonuses.

I am going to be different.

Instead, if you choose to get this new PLR deal today you get my own unique set of bonuses that will help you to market local businesses online – whether it’s for yourself or for your clients.






PLR-SMM Bonus03

PLR-MMM Bonus04


And you know the 95 Bonuses that other marketers are offering? You also get that through me.


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(You Also Get These 95 Bonuses + All That You See On This Page Right Now)

That Said…









Guess what? No more wait as you will get the bonus delivered to you instantly via JVZoo after your purchase is complete! This is as easy as it gets! But in case you did not get your Bonuses after purchase, drop me an email at me@edmundloh.com with subject line “Local Marketing Biz-in-a-Box PLR Bonuses” – include your receipt as proof of purchase and I will deliver the bonuses to you within 24 to 36 hours.




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